Working notes for "Financial Analysts and Collective Reputation: Theory and Evidence"



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Journal articles

  1. Do valuation models affect analysts’ forecasts? (with Alexander Kerl, Giessen University). Conditionally accepted, International Review of Economics and Finance,
  2. The performance of angel-backed companies (with V. Capizzi). Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.
  3. The Role of Venture Capital in the Entrepreneurial Finance Ecosystem: Future Threats and Opportunities (with V. Capizzi). Venture Capital: an International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, forthcoming.
  4. Emerging trends in entrepreneurial finance (with V. Capizzi, D. Cumming). Venture Capital: an International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, forthcoming,
  5. Angel network affiliation and business angels' investment practices,  (with V. Capizzi),  Journal of Corporate Finance, June 2018.
  6. Credit Market Concentration, Relationship Lending and the Cost of Debt (with V. Kusycky) International Review of Financial Analysis, May 2016 .
  7. Secondary Buy-Outs: operating performance and investment determinants,  Financial Management, Winter 2015.

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           Featured on Norwegian Business Daily

      8. Do firms hedge translation risk? (with M. Dallocchio, P. Raimbourg, A.Salvi), Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions


      9. A, B or C? Experimental tests of IPO mechanisms (With O. Voloshyna), March 2013, European Financial Management.

     10. The effects of Venture Capitalists on the Governance of firms (With S. Alkan) 2012, Corporate Governance: an International Review.

     11. Corporate Scandals and Capital Structure (with D. Boraschi), 2011, Journal of Business Ethics. 

     12. The Political and Legal determinants of Venture Capital Investments Around the World  (with S. Alkan), 2011, Small Business Economics.

     13. Target price accuracy in equity research, (With R. Bianchini, A. Salvi, L. Zanetti), 2010, Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting.     


Books and book chapters

  1. The role of angel syndicates on the demand and supply of informal venture capital (with V. Capizzi), 2019, in New Frontiers in Entrepreneurial Finance, World Scientific Publishing
  2. Institutional investors and corporate governance (with V. Capizzi), 2017, in Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Governance, Edward Elgar Press.
  3. The causes and financial consequences of corporate frauds (with D. Boraschi), 2012, in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics, R. Cressy, D. J. Cumming, C. Mallin eds, Springer Press.
  4. The development of Venture Capital. December 2011, in “Handbook of Venture Capital and Private Equity”, Douglas Cumming editor, Oxford University Press).

Working papers and work in progress

     1. On Long tenured directors (with K. John, J. Deng and M. Ferrari), under review, Organization Science.

           EFMA Conference Best paper award (Runner up)

           Featured in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

     2.  What is the value of analysts' research? (with S. Bharath, Arizona State University)
          FMA Asia Conference Best paper award (Runner up), Tokio, May 2014.

     3.  Play it Again! A Natural Experiment on Omission Bias (with Filippo Pavesi, University of Verona, T. Bassetti University of Padua)

     4. A Forward-looking Extension of the Sum of the Parts Model

     5. Trading places: the causes and consequences of exchange switches (with Filippo Pavesi, LIUC and Eleni Gousgounis, CFTC)

     6. Option to abandon, syndication and investment returns (with S. Banerjee, Stevens Institute of Technology and T. Janus, University of Wyoming)

     7.  The determinants of CDS Coverage (with S. Banerjee and Meghana Vadyia Stevens Institute of Technology)

     8. Crowd investors and business angels investment practices: a comparative analysis (with V. Capizzi, SDA Bocconi and F. Pavesi, LIUC)